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Who is Mickisha?


Hi, I'm Mickisha, but everyone knows me as Kisha.  

Mickisha Vibes Travel is a travel group that arose from my love for Trinidad’s Carnival. I am a native of Trinidad and Tobago but grew up in New York and have been going back to Trinidad’s Carnival for many years.  

During the Trinidad Carnival season of 2018, I got an overwhelming response through my YouTube Channel Mickisha868 to have a travel group. Trinidad Carnival newbies, as well as veterans, can all benefit from participating in this group.  I’ve always gotten questions about how does one participate in Trinidad’s Carnival. After our first successful Vibe year with Trinidad Carnival 2020, we are ready to concur Trinidad carnival 2023.  Now is the time to make it happen easily and hassle-free with Mickisha Vibes Travel for Trinidad’s Carnival 2023!       


Expert Travel Knowledge


Tailor-Made Packages


Non- Stop Vibes


100%  Money Protected


"I had a great time at T&T carnival! Mickisha868 Travels did a great job organizing the fete list, hotel accommodations, transportation and more. I was also able to meet some really great people in the travel group as well. Keep it up Mickisha!!!"

-MAY 2020

"I had a wonderful time! Mickisha is very professional and made sure that I was enjoying myself. I would definitely recommend doing traveling with Mickisha868 Travels again."

-MAY 2020

"My experience with Mickisha868 Travel was great!! From the transportation to the fetes to making sure your costume is correct. Mickisha provides great services. I would definitely use Mickisha868 Travel again."

-MAY 2020

"My first Trinidad carnival experience was a success thanks to Mickisha. She was very accommodating and personable throughout the entire process. She was very thoughtful and courteous to any concerns we had. Using her services I was able to establish connections and friendships with people I would have never met otherwise. I would highly highly HIGHLY recommend Mickisha868 travels to anyone wanting to experience carnival for the first time."

-APRIL 2020

Finally managed cross Trinidad Carnival off my bucket list thanks to Mickisha868 Travels. I’m appreciative of the attention and care Mickisha put into everything – from tailoring our packages to suit to ensuring that we’d landed safely and made it through immigration. Even when things didn’t go according to plan with 3rd party vendors, Mickisha showed persistence in getting them rectified as soon as possible which is what you need from a travel group organiser. Aside from the service received from Mickisha868 Travels, I’m grateful for the friendships formed on this trip, friendships that would have never been formed if I had decided to go it alone. In short, I’m extremely pleased I made the decision to embark on Mickisha868 Travels’ maiden voyage. I’m sure you will be too :-D.


-APRIL 2020 


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