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Terms and Conditions Trinidad's Carnival 2023

Terms and Conditions Trinidad's Carnival 2023

Mickisha Vibes Travel is the Host of this Trinidad Carnival 2023Travel Group. Packages for Trinidad Carnival 2023 have been outlined to show Travelers what is included in packages. Airfare is not included with Trinidad Carnival 2023  packages. All Travelers are required to book their flights to arrive in Trinidad no later than 9 pm on the assigned start date for their packages.


If the Traveler decides to come outside of the day and or time outlined in package airport transfer will be forfeited. Departure flights are to be booked on departure date with the hotel checkout time of 12 pm in mind. The Traveler must provide the Host with all flight Itinerary by October 15, 2022. 

Group Occupancy


Traveler understands that hotel accommodation will only be provided through Mickisha Vibes Travels.    Travelers have the option to choose between a single, double, triple occupancies. The pricing of packages is based on room occupancy as well as the predetermined length of stay. 

During registration, Traveler will have the option to share his/her room. During the registration process, the Traveler must list the names as they appear on the passports of all roommates/occupants of the room. All roommates/occupants must all register and make their first payment within 7 days of the first roommate registering.  Deposit payments have to be made in order to hold the room for the group.  Failure to complete deposit payment within 7 days of receiving the invoice will result in registration being cancelled and money refunded minus a 5% administrative and processing fee. 

Traveler understands that if one or more of the occupants in the Traveler’s room cancels. There will be an automatic increase to the remaining Travelers in the room. This increase is to absorb the full cost of the room. Traveler understands that all Travelers occupying rooms are totally liable for any damages or missing items in the room. 



Traveler understands that transportation is provided to and from events with the group. If Traveler does not require transportation for a particular event, the Traveler must notify Host an hour prior to departure time.  Notification to Host must be made at least one (1) hour prior to departure via WhatsApp.  Group will be leaving promptly at the scheduled time in order to fully enjoy all events. Travelers are given a 15 minute grace. After the 15-minute grace Travelers are subject to a late fee of $25.00 after 30 minutes group will depart without traveler.  

​For departing events, the Traveler must notify Host 1-hour prior to departure time if not returning with the group. Notification to the Host must be made via WhatsApp. After waiting for 30 minutes, the group will depart the event without Traveler. The Traveler will then have to secure their own transportation back to the hotel. The host is not liable for Travelers' transportation fee or safety. This is to ensure fairness and respect of time for everyone in the group.



Packages may be adjusted. Options for package adjustments include; No Carnival Band (Costume), J’ouvert Band, and decrease the number of parties. Request for package adjustment can be made via email to Host.  Once Host receives the request for adjustment an invoice will be provided via email.


Packages can only be adjusted once the Host has not released non-refundable payments to vendors. Package hotel accommodations are only provided through Mickisha Vibes Travels. There is no option to eliminate hotel accommodation from packages. 

Payment Schedule and Late Fees


Payments must be made by the outlined Payment Schedule. There is a 3.5% PayPal fee. This fee is included in the package price. To avoid paying the 3.5% PayPal fee you can make your payment directly to the Host. The host will provide a receipt for all payments received.


A payment invoice will be sent to Traveler seven (7) days prior to the due date for Payment Dates.  Late payments passed a 5-day grace period will be subject to a $25 dollars late fee.  



Travelers are required to have a cellphone with DATA. Cellphone must-have WhatsApp downloaded which is the group's primary form of contact while in Trinidad and Tobago. Cellphone data can be obtained through Traveler’s home carrier or with local carriers upon arrival to Trinidad. 

Costume Delivery


Host will provide Traveler with a release agreement for carnival costume pickup. Release agreement must be SIGNED and returned to the Host at the time of the Top 3-costume options submission. The Host will deliver costumes to Traveler. The traveler understands that costume delivery depends on the Mas band availability and pickup schedule. Costumes may be delivered as late as carnival Sunday night. The Host will deliver costume to the Traveler in the greatest condition possible. 


The Host will do due diligence to examine costume at pick up to ensure that costume is delivered in the greatest condition possible.  The Host will not be held responsible for damages or missing pieces to the costume. The host is also not liable for items that may become detached. The host will assist Traveler in making necessary repairs to costumes to facilitate the resolution of costume. This can be done in the form of supplying hot glue guns for repairs.

Full Disclaimer


Host Mickisha Vibes Travel is not liable or responsible for Travelers' safety while in Trinidad and Tobago. The host will do due diligence to ensure the safety of all Travelers. Mickisha Vibes Travel suggests that all Travelers obtain Travelers insurance for Medical as well as Trip.



Traveler understands that the costume registration fee is not refundable. Costumes are tailored to fit the measurements provided on the registration form.  Once the order has been submitted, absolutely no changes can be made. The Traveler will provide Host with their Top 3 Section (costume) choices within the Band choice of Mickisha868 Travels for Trinidad Carnival 2021.

Costumes included in packages are basic backline costumes. Upgrades are available at an additional cost. Upgrades include but are not limited to collars, backpacks, feathered headpieces, arm, and leg pieces, etc. The availability of upgrades depends on the costume section and carnival band. The Traveler will submit any required upgrades to Host at the time of Costume selections.


Once the Host secures the upgrade quote from the Carnival Mas band, the Host will send an invoice to the Traveler. Upgrades will have to be paid-in-full as required by the Mas band. Travelers that require corsets, boy shorts, and larger Bras (If the band allows) Traveler will need to take the responsibility of getting the item to Trinidad. The Host will provide guidance to Traveler on where and how to mail the garments. 

Cancellation Policy


To Cancel, Traveler must send a cancellation email to Host. The Traveler will then have from that date of the cancellation email to October 15th of 2022 to find a replacement for their package. The host may assist Traveler but it is the sole responsibility of the Traveler to find a suitable person to transfer the package to in part or whole.


Once the Traveler finds a person to take over the package, the Traveler will provide the host with the full name of the replacement person via email. The new participant will then have to complete payments towards the package in full depending on when the cancellation was made.  

 If the Traveler does not find a Replacement Traveler by October 15th, 2021 the Traveler forfeits all money paid.

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